You have probably noticed your competition has added online appointment scheduling. Your customers are noticing too.

If you have been meaning to add it and would like some help, make an appointment to find out more. Otherwise, read on to see why you really should be adding it and perhaps ask a question or two.

First – Convenient

Appointment scheduling is more convenient for the customer. Customers do not have to call or email in their appointment request; they can submit it from your website and receive instant confirmation plus email and/or text reminders on the day/time of the appointment.

Many organizations have started integrating online booking tools into their website because this type of appointment scheduling dramatically increases their overall lead generation results. When a customer fills out appointment scheduling forms and receives instant confirmation, they will be more likely to schedule appointments in the future. Many people are accustomed to this age of instant gratification. Your appointment scheduling process should also be instant.

Second – Cost Savings

Appointment scheduling is less expensive than telephone appointment requests since it requires no staff input at all. In addition, if your appointments consist of billable hours, there are schedulers that automatically collect your appointment fees as the appointment is created.

Freeing your staff from the burden of handling appointment requests allows them to service other client needs. It also allows you to handle more appointments without having to hire more staff.

If that wasn’t enough, it can easily be integrated into your existing calendar system so that confirmed appointments show up in your daily calendar as they are made.

Third – Easy to Add

Appointment scheduling is easily outsourced and can be seamlessly added so that it appears to be a natural part of your website. People like and trust forms and calendars that match the website style more than they do forms that look like they are included from somewhere else.

There are many commercially available schedulers like and that can easily be added to your website and styled to complement it.

Fourth – Money Well Spent

Appointment scheduling has an excellent return on investment (ROI) – the cost of creating an appointment request form and adding it to your website could be paid for within a week!

They are quick to add and reasonably easy to configure. The costs of adding them can be surprisingly affordable considering all they do for you.

Fifth – Competitive Advantage

Appointment scheduling gives you an advantage over your competition who are not using using it on their websites.

People like things that make their lives easier. Anything that you can do to make dealing with you easier and faster will give you a leg up on the competition. In today’s competitive business environment, you need every advantage you can get.

Try adding appointment booking tools to your own organization’s website today!

For further information about online appointment scheduling and integration with zoom meetings and billing systems, contact us for a no cost, no obligation appointment.