Abandoned WordPress Themes are a Big Problem

Using a well-supported theme contributes to the long-term reliability of your website. Themes with active developers are more likely to adapt to changes in technology, user behavior, and SEO practices, ensuring the website’s sustainability over time.

However many website owners are wowed by some fancy theme that they saw on ThemeForest or other theme repository so they decide to use it. It looks and works great. No problem right?

Yes, It Really Is

As WordPress evolves, so do its core functionalities and coding standards. A well-built theme from a couple of years ago might be considered poorly coded by today’s standards, might not work properly and might even be exploitable.

I Want a Unique Looking Website

Everyone does. That means that when you look at a repository of available themes, people gravitate towards themes that the author hasn’t sold a lot of. In practical terms, this means that they pick themes that the author is most likely to stop supporting. While good in the short term (you get a unique looking website), this effectively caps the useful lifespan of your website.

There is a Better Way

If you have an outdated, abandoned theme but still like how your website looks, it makes good sense to recreate that theme using a widely used WordPress builder system like Divi or Elementor. This allows you to keep the same look but with a system that has a longer, better life span.

We Can Help

If you’d like us to have a look at your WordPress site and determine how well supported your theme is, just ask. There is no charge to have a look. Just click the button below and give us the address (URL) of your website. We will let you know what we see and give you some info on what theme you are using and how active the author seems to be at supporting it. In the event that you have an abandoned theme, we will also include a quote on what it would take to replace it with a modern theme.