Can the Corona Virus effect your website?

Relax, this will not be a fear mongering article…

Literally speaking, your website certainly isn’t susceptible to contracting a human virus. So take comfort in the fact that your website is safe from the ramifications of some yahoo sneezing at the salad bar. Your are probably pretty safe from the Corona Virus too given how few people actually have it right now. You likely do not personally know anyone that has it. But just because all that is currently true, you are still taking steps to prepare for it right?

Being ready

Washing hands and high-touch surfaces more frequently, staying home when you are sick, avoiding contact with sick people and covering your mouth and nose when you sneeze are all good things to help prevent the spread of any virus. In addition, avoiding unnecessary travel and working at home as much as possible will help too. Many large employers such as Apple, Microsoft and Facebook are encouraging their employees to work from home while this is being dealt with.

What about your customers?

I am sure your company has made plans to deal with the fallout from the Corona Virus too. Perhaps you can work from home and maybe your employees can too. But what about your customers?

Can your customers buy your products from home?

If you sell through any kind of a storefront, what will happen if your customers cannot or will not venture out to buy what they need from you? Just a few seconds on the internet will allow them to buy whatever they need from anyone out there willing to sell to them. If they are working from home, guess what? They are on the internet along with your competitors.

Is this a good time for E-Commerce?

You bet it is! Even after the hysteria about the Corona Virus passes, there will still be similar things that will produce similar reactions in people. Just in terms of viruses, we seem to have a “major” virus outbreak somewhere in the world every two years. Can you think of other events that might cause people to decide that they do not want to venture outside? (Too hot, too cold, allergies, illness, etc.) Being able to sell your products online will help you ride through those events and still be able to take care of your best customers.

You really should have an e-commerce component to your website already but now is always good time to start. It really isn’t that complicated.

Let us help you

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