Free Web Hosting For BNI Members

Use it for yourself or give it to others!



Four (4) months of our web hosting service absolutely free, no setup fees, no monthly fees, no gimmicks and no games. It costs you nothing up front to set up a web hosting account for yourself or for your clients. After 4 months, if you like our service (and we are sure you will) then you start paying our regular competitive rates.


This is NOT Webquarry’s attempt to launch a new service. We have been hosting thousands of websites since 1997. My name is David Shirley, the owner of Webquarry and I have been a BNI member in the web design category since 2009. I am active and have held various leadership positions within my chapter, Diablo Networking Circle in Walnut Creek, CA. I have always heard the Givers Gain message at BNI leadership meetings and this offer is Webquarry’s response to the challenge of “What can we give?”


Just sign up on our website for a monthly hosting account and enter the promo code you received in the email we sent you. The promo code is entered in the “Review & Checkout” portion of the order process. If you lost the promo code, contact us and tell us your BNI chapter name and city and we will get you set up.


Now! This offer will run until we decide to stop offering it. Frankly, we are going to be in BNI for life so the odds are good this promo will continue.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it really free? Absolutely! No setup fee or any monthly web hosting fees for four months. We want you to experience our web hosting service and believe that you will decide to continue with us after the free trial expires. During the signup process, a valid credit card will be required to be put on file but no charges will be made until the free trial expires. After that, we start charging that card for the monthly hosting fees. Our most popular account currently costs $7.95 monthly.

What about domain name registration? Bring your own domain or get one through Webquarry for about $17 per year. Use them at Webquarry or any other web host.

Can I sign up more than one account? Yes. Please do. The more the merrier.

Can I tell others about this offer? (my clients, my mother, my brother, my pastor, my mailman, etc.) Absolutely, but tell them to use the non-member promo code so we can properly identify them.

Can I apply this offer to my clients even if I’m not in the web design business? Yes. Please feel free to tell your clients about us. Tell them you got them a deal. I’m sure they will thank you for it.

I know someone that needs web hosting that isn’t a client of mine. Can they still take advantage of this? Sure. Refer them to us like any other BNI referral (remember to put it on BNI connect) but give them the non-member promo code.

What is Webquarry getting out of this? We will gain relationships with many other BNI members and experience has shown us that is something that is more valuable than any dollar amount. And of course after 4 months, we will have more hosting clients.

What are the promo codes? We do not publish them here because these are public pages. Contact us and tell us your BNI chapter and city and we will gladly give them to you.

What is BNI and how can I become a member? BNI is a world wide network of business professionals that meet in local chapters with the purpose of learning how to best refer business to each other. If you’d like to know more about BNI, please contact us and tell us where you are located and we will be happy to help you find a chapter to visit. If you want to grow your business, you need to visit a BNI chapter to see how the power of network marketing can work for you.

I’d like to know how this promotion is working out for you. Will you share the results with me? Of course. We love to support our BNI partners and will happily share the results of this promotion with you. Set up an online/phone 1 to 1 with David and he will answer any questions that you have.

Finally, A Challenge for You

Let us inspire you to look at your business and determine what you could give your fellow BNI members that would help them with their businesses. The Giver’s Gain principle is a good solid way to do business. It is rewarding in far more ways than just financial. Get creative and please let us know what you come up with.