Want to make a quick $100?

Webquarry will pay for a referral to a successful web design project.


We want to reward you for passing our name along to people that you meet with website needs.

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* Referal fees are available in US dollars only.

We want to keep this simple

At Webquarry, we prioritize simplicity. This applies to referral payments as well. We won’t make you join any sort of affiliate program with complicated performance requirements and carve outs. The rules are simple as outlined below.



We just want introductions to people that want to talk about having a website built. No need to sell anything. We will contact them and sell the project.

You will need to do the following three things:

1. Identify a person that is willing to have a conversation about building a website.

2. Obtain their permission to have us contact them. (of course they can contact us and tell us you referred them too)

3. Tell us who they are in any manner that best suits you. (open a ticket, phone us, send us an email, etc.)

We will contact them and discuss their needs. We do not engage in any high pressure sales techniques. We approach every potential client from the perspective of helping them solve a problem.



Ok, you knew there had to be some. We want to keep this as simple as possible so that we can continue doing this far into the future.

1. Referrals are paid in US Dollars transferred from a US bank account via Zel. Those unable to accept payment in this fashion are not elegible to participate.

2. Webquarry hosting clients can elect to have a referral fee credited to their hosting account and in fact will be encouraged to do so.

3. We reserve the right to alter or discontinue this program any time without previous notice.

4. Referral fees will only be paid on new projects when they are completed and paid for.

5. You are responsible for letting us know about a referral you made BEFORE we begin work on the project.

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