I tried to guess my password several times and now the login window no longer appears.

Yep.  That is exactly what is supposed to happen.  Hackers write programs that guess passwords all day long.  If you try to guess at your password you look like one of those programs and you are therefore locked out by our firewall.  You can wait a while and let the block clear on it's own or open a ticket and request it be manually cleared.  IMPORTANT: if you want us to manually clear the firewall, be sure to tell us in your ticket what IP  address you are trying (and failing) to connect from.  There are literally thousands of IP addresses in the firewall at any one time and it is impossible for us to guess which one might be you.  Visit this website from your currently affected device and tell us what IP it reports that you are coming from.

This can also happen to you if you are trying to log into email with the wrong username or password.  Basically, any failed login attempt (of any sort) repeated often enough will cause the server to protect itself by refusing to connect with you.  The thresholds are fairly high to prevent being needlessly penalized for innocent mistakes.  Any automated process (like an email program) that reports an error while automatically connecting for email, needs to be dealt with immediately by either verifying the password, recovering the correct password or turning off automated connections until you have time to figure out what is going wrong.  If you just let it repeatedly make failed connections and ignore it, the server will eventually start to ignore you back.

NEVER try to guess your password.  If you don't know it, use the password recovery tools that are on the control panel login page or set new email passwords in the email portion of the control panel.

DO NOT call or email us asking what your password is.  We cannot see them.  All we can do is point you to the password recovery tools or tell you to set new email passwords that are known to you.

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