Will you configure my device (laptop, tablet, phone etc.) to connect to my account?

We realize that setting up devices can be confusing for some people and while we would like to help, the sad truth is that we do not have access to your devices in order to set them up.  If your device settings were accessible from our end, your device WOULD NOT BE SECURE as it would allow nefarious individuals to mess with your settings.

It is beyond our scope of support to configure your devices. There are just too many device/software combinations out there when combined with our lack of access to your devices to make it practical.

Look through the FAQs as we have several articles that show sample configurations for various devices and software like FileZilla for making FTP/sFTP connections.

If you have a local IT professional, they should be able to help you if they can sit down with your device and account information. Many IT professionals also have ways of setting up remote access to your devices for both now and future assistance. Due to the sensitive nature of your data, BE CERTAIN that you trust anyone that you grant access to.

If you need an IT person that can arrange remote access with you and assist you, please open a ticket and let us know.  We will refer you to someone that we know and trust.

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