Set up your mail reader

Here are some brief instructions on how to configure your mail reader if you are using Apple's Mail, Outlook, etc.

Configuring your devices is beyond the scope of what we provide since those devices are not under our control.  You should consult with your local IT professional for configuration advice and assistance.  Having said that, here is a very general overview of the kinds of things that your IT person will need to know to get your device configured.  You will need to know your mailbox's password.  Do not ask us what your mailbox password is.  We do not know it nor can we see it.  YOU set it when YOU created the mailbox.  If you have forgotten it, your ONLY option is go to the hosting control panel's email section and reset that mailbox's password to something that you know.

In this example, we will assume that you have the following mailbox that you wish to add to your mail reader.  Items in red are examples only.  You should substitute your values in place of these items.

password:  your_password

We will assume that your account is hosted on  Knowing what machine you are hosted on is important if you are going to be using SSL encrypted connections.  SSL encrypts your login process so that your username and password is not vulnerable to being "sniffed" off the network.  SSL encryption should always be used.

When following this example, substitute your own values in place of the examples we have here.

Create a new account in your mailreader device.  Use IMAP as the mailbox type.  Both IMAP and POP3 will work but IMAP is the best choice especially if you are going to be accessing the mailbox from multiple devices.  Mixing access with both POP3 and IMAP devices is not advisable as it will create confusing results.

Incoming Mail Server:

password:  your_password

Outgoing Mail Server:

outgoing server requires password authentication.
(Use same username and password as the incoming.)
port: 587

Use SSL connections for security.  If you try to use your domain name as the hostname, you will not be able to use SSL connections without your device warning you that the certificates do not match and preventing you from logging in. As stated above ALWAYS use SSL connections.

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