How to remove the "not secure" warning on my website

Google Chrome version 68 marks sites as "Not Secure"

Obviously this is a problem. What happened? Is your website really not secure anymore? Do other browsers also display such ominous sounding warnings?

Step One: Relax

Your website is still just as secure as it was before the version 68 Chrome update. The difference is just that Chrome is now reminding users that the connection to the website isn't encrypted. If you have a regular old http website, that has always been the case. This is referring to the connection between the visitor's browser and the web server that your website is on. That connection runs over public networks that are entirely outside of your or our control. It is technically possible for another user on those network segments to see traffic that is flowing across it. This has been the case since day 1 of the internet.

Since anyone can see traffic flowing over a public network, it makes sense to somehow protect that data. SSL encryption is how that protection is achieved. This encodes the information being exchanged in such a way that only the two end points (the visitor's browser and the web server) can use it. In order to encrypt your traffic, you need an SSL certificate.

Step Two: Make a Choice, Free or Paid?

At, we have two possible solutions for you. You can get a free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt or a commercially available one from Geotrust. The advantage of the free one is that it provides simple SSL encryption for no cost without requiring any special verification steps. The advantage of the commercially available certificate from Geotrust is that it includes installation assistance, and does basic identify verification before the certificate is issued. (They verify that you actually control the domain name you are requesting the certificate for thus ensuring that they are talking to a person authorized to make changes to the business website.) This allows your visitors to have a little more confidence about your website and could potentially help with Google rankings in the future.

To get the free certificate, Check out this KB article: Getting a Free SSL Certificate for Your Website

To get the paid SSL certificate, either Open A Ticket and ask for help or Log Into the Client Area and go to the SSL area and order it. Either way, we will assist with its installation to help you get everything set up.

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